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A dynamic, contemporary, and intercultural journey that explores the different aspects of Italian design and manufacturing, taking place in the Marche Region, a territory that comprises all the peculiar features of the Italian peninsula in terms of production, fine arts, history, architecture, landscape.
12 Students in design and fine arts from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia will attend 2 weeks online course plus 2 weeks in presence in Ancona/Italy to discover how the scientific and concrete methodology of the Italian way of design can respond to current needs of V4 students belonging territories and societies.
An innovative teaching methodology that combines research, innovation, real projects, and technique to realize concrete solutions that meet the contemporary needs of companies and end-users. Creative and design activities will be accompanied by those aimed to collaborate, communicate and build relationships.
The Italian way of design can integrate into the strategies and processes of local companies and artisans, translating the regional signals of transformation of society and markets into contemporary and socially useful products and services.
History, traditions, ancient processes combined and boosted with a strong innovative drive and out-of-the-box thinking.
Once back to their countries of origin, youth will act as ambassadors and promoters of good design practices, influencing and showing to their network and future companies/ professionals how the Italian way of designing could positively influence their activity.